Using one of our website maintenance packages takes the worry and hassle out of the process and ensures that your well crafted site is always secure, looking great, running optimally and bug free.

We have a package to suit most people, you can see the full list of our packages below. Should your needs extend beyond the scope of our pre-priced packages then we can discuss a bespoke package based around your requirements.

Maintenance Packages Budget Standard Business Business + Enterprise
Select the package that best suits your needs. R850/mo R1499/mo R5395/mo R9555/mo R17990/mo
Per Month Per Month Per Month Per Month Per Month
CMS Theme updates*
Plugin updates* MAX 10 MAX 15 MAX 20 MAX 30
Ecommerce Support Lite Full Full
Subscription Support Lite Full Full
Membership Support Lite Full Full
Bookings Support Lite Full Full
Event Support Lite Full Full
Content Updates per Month 0 2 3 5 15
Max time per Month 30 mins 1 Hour 4 Hours 7 Hours 30 mins 15 Hours
Content Administration
Max Response Time** 5 Days 4 Days 3 Days 2 Days 1 Day
Telephone Support
Email Support Critical Critical Full Support Full Support Full Support
Update Reminder
Backup Restores
Shop Product Additions
FB Status Updates 1 4 6
Tweets 1 4 6
Blog Posts 1 2
Mailchimp emailer 1 2
Additional Work*** (billed hourly) Budget Rate Standard Rate less 10% less 15% less 20%
Plan Review Quarterly Half-yearly Yearly Yearly Yearly
* Software, theme and plugin licences not included. And will be billed separately on renewal.
**Response time – We cannot guarantee a response time, any work will be scheduled when an update slot is available.
***Work will be charged per hour. Minimum billable time is one hour In-plan. Out-of-plan minimum is R5000.  VAT only applicable in South Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a content update cover?

An update is classed as an alteration to the content on a single web page e.g. addition of images, words/paragraphs or links. You can send us a list of changes for one section/page and this would be classed as one update. If the changes span multiple pages then this would be considered as additional updates.

What if I need to make changes to my site?

If you want us to make any changes to your website just send an email to, or the person you usually deal with, with the instructions. We’ll take care of the rest, We’ll make the requested changes and then email you when your task is complete. If we need any further details we’ll get in touch.

How does the Maximum time per month work?

Each package comes with a different amount of allotted time that will be dedicated to your site, this will be the total time per month that a member of our team will work on your site and includes all items in the package excluding telephone and email support. If more work is required outside these hours then there would be an hourly rate applied for the amount of time spent.

Is my website safe on your servers?

Our Server is covered by “Distributed Denial of Service protection” (DDoS) and guards against external attacks, which can cause your site to be inaccessible. We actively recognise these massive attacks and promptly implement the necessary counter-measures before they reach the server on which your site is hosted.

Do you host my email too?

Yes your email accounts will be created and hosted by us. We can create any email accounts that you require. However you can also choose for your emails to be hosted with other services such as Google Apps for Work or Office 365.

Can I add additional services to my package?

If you have opted for one of our lower priced packages and would like to add any additional services which are not already included please get in touch and we can give you a cost for adding on your chosen services. We’ll tailor make the perfect website maintenance package for you.